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A Garden for a Bunny! What you CAN feed your bunny

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A Garden for a Bunny! What you CAN feed your bunny Empty A Garden for a Bunny! What you CAN feed your bunny

Post  Theresa on Mon Mar 18, 2013 1:51 pm

In the past we had a black pet rabbit that ran lose in the yard. And it hung out in the raised bed gardens. It didn't bother any of the plants except on one corner of one of the boxes I had some leaf lettuce planted, and it would help itself to the lettuce. We decided to let her enjoy that lettuce since she contributed to the garden by providing us with rabbit manure.

With all these little baby bunnies we have now, one of the new owners mentioned that their family was going to grow a "Bunny Garden" this year just for their rabbits. What a wonderful idea!

I have done some research and there are some good vegetables/fruits for rabbits and there are some bad vegetables/fruits that rabbits shouldn't have. So I'm going to start a list of the good and the bad vegetables/fruits, and I'll leave some links to where I have found my information.

Of course a person should not use any pesticides on the Bunny Garden. We can talk about some natural ways to avoid pest in the gardens that may help with that, also I recommend a raised bed, where it will be easy to keep a close watch on the garden.

Rabbits love fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruit, and leaves. You should introduce each new veg, herb, fruit a little at a time. You should take caution giving young bunnies fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits, till at least 5-6 months of age. Young rabbits may get diarrhea from the change in their diet, and could cause death.

sage-pineapple sage is a favorite of bunnies.
lavage instead of celery
sweet basil
leaves and flowers of dandelions

Carrots, and leaves
beat leaves
radish and leaves
wheat grass
oat grass
lettuce-no iceberg lettuce

raspberry leaves
blackberry leaves
strawberry leaves

This is a start of some good vegetables/fruits and herbs.
I'll post some more good stuff and some bad stuff and if anyone has any tips, ideas, more things to add to the list, then please post it here, we want the safest possible list of good and bad so we can have the BEST Bunnie Garden we can possibly grow!

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